2024/04/08 UPDATE-【Inspiration Space】【3D Viewer】【Panorama】

【Inspiration Spaces】Supports default options being manually specified


The default options for the Inspiration Space can be manually specified.

Target Users

Cabinet designers using the Inspiration Space.


When there are multiple different materials on a cabinet panel, you may want to specify one material as the default.

When editing the Inspiration Space room, you can choose a default material (or default door panel, default handle, etc.) by specifying the default option



【Inspiration Spaces】Supports to view the rendering result during the rendering process.


The rendering speed of the Inspiration Space has been significantly improved! Additionally, you can now enter and view the rendering result of the Inspiration Space during the rendering process.

Target Users

Users who want to quickly view the effects of the Inspiration Space.


After submitting the Inspiration Space rendering, even if the room is still in the "rendering" state, you can still click "View Room" to see the sample room during the rendering process, allowing for timely adjustments.


【Inspiration Spaces】Supports price display configuration based on each room


The pricing display of Inspiration Space can be configured based on each room.

Target Users

Customers who have different needs for the use of Inspiration Spaces.


In the second step of creating the Inspiration Space, in the basic information editing, you can choose whether to display the pricing. For rooms with this option, the pricing module will not be displayed.



【Inspiration Spaces】Supports product details display to be customized


The product details display in the Inspiration Spaces can be customized.

Target Users

Customers expect rich information to be displayed for the products in Inspiration Spaces.


In Settings > Inspiration Space > General Settings > Product Info Display Module, you can select the categories you want to display on the product detail page of Inspiration Space. The selected categories will be displayed accordingly


【3D Viewer】Allows customers to directly initiate the generation of parametric 3D Viewer through the interface



Customers hope to obtain parametric models in Coohom in batches and generate parametric 3D Viewers according to their actual business needs, so they need corresponding interfaces to operate them.


Customers can only manually perform the generation of parametric 3D Viewer on the Coohom SaaS platform;

It cannot be generated directly within its system process


Customers can automatically initiate the generation of parametric 3D Viewer in the system according to their own display needs


【Panorama】Supports product hotspots being configured with different styles 



Product hotspots can be configured with different styles in panorama.

Target Users

Customers using panorama images for product display.


Step 1: On the project viewing page, enter the panorama editor.


Step 2: In the editor, find the "Product" module. Here, you can choose to open or close all or some product hotspots and select the desired style for the product hotspots. You can choose from the provided options or upload your own.