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[Enterprise] 3D Viewer & Virtual Showroom
[Enterprise] What is 3D Viewer & Virtual Showroom?
[Enterprise] What is 3D Viewer & Virtual Showroom?
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Covid-19 has been swept all over the world since the beginning of 2020. Various industries are suffering from this globalized disaster. The furniture industry is no exception.

The furniture industry is relatively traditional. Most of the deals happen in the trade shows which provide a chance for manufacturers and dealers to exchange ideas, communicate the willingness to purchase, etc. Due to the severe conditions of the virus, most offline events are canceled which breaks the normal process of communication between manufacturers and dealers.

The whole furniture industry cannot wait for a solution to replace this missing link.

In such a harsh environment, Coohom introduced a brand new function:

  1. Navigation

Explore the showroom easily with our navigating functions.

  • Floorplan map

  • Footprint (where I have been)

  • Transfer to a specific location

  • Multi-floor showroom

2. Multi-Dimensional Product Display

Display your product from 2D to 3D.

  • 3D Viewer

  • Photo Studio Picture

  • Photo Studio Video


3. Multi-Dimensional Product Display

Customized product information, show anything you want to tell your customers.

  • Product name

  • Product price

  • Basic product details

  • Customized product details

  • Product tag

4. Product Interaction

The retailing experience has never been so exciting.

  • Add to cart

  • Add to wishlist

  • Reserve concept products

5. Rating & Review

Hear how customers think about your products.

6. Place Order

Complete the showroom experience with submitting an order.

  • Order creation

  • Order export

  • Send order to designated Email

  • Submit to your ERP system

7. Brand Information

Various options to display your own brand information and raise brand awareness.

  • URL

  • Brand logo

  • Watermark

  • Slogan

  • Loading page background

7. Comprehensive User Behavior Data

Understand your customers and make the right decisions.

  • Product clicks & Time spent

  • User Path in the Showroom

  • Dwell time in each space

  • Unsubmitted list

  • Rating & Review data


Why you should choose Coohom Virtual Showroom?

Specific for

All in all, the 3D viewer is a new way of displaying furniture, you can view the furniture in 360 degrees, and see the dimensions. You can even swap the textures of the furniture in a 3D viewer.

If you are interested in Virtual Showroom from Coohom Enterprise, please fill out this form to book a demo to see how you can impress customers with the power of 3D experiences, our sales representative will contact you within 72 hours:

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