What is the advantage of the Kitchen & Bath and customization tool?

Coohom Kitchen & Bath can take your design project to the next level with photorealistic images and 720° panoramic rendering. Combine panoramic images together to generate walk-through tours in minutes.

  • Public Catalog with Abundant Materials

Public Catalog with Abundant Materials

Kitchen & Bath Custom has a large number of parametric models and materials including kitchen and bath cabinets, wardrobes, appliances, textures moldings, etc., which meet the needs of customized design for KB and whole-house space!

  • Parametric Model Capabilities

Parametric Model Capabilities

Adjust cabinet inner space structure (number of shelves, drawers, intervals, etc.) by simply changing the parameters of models which can improve design efficiency while giving design flexibility.

  • Material brush/style brush

Material brush/style brush

By using our material or style brush, you can quickly replace and align the material/style of all cabinets, doors, drawer fronts. Just easily click on the material/style you want and then drop it to the objective to replace.

  • Molding/Sliding Door/Countertop/Sink Generation

Molding/Sliding Door/Countertop/Sink Generation

By using this function, you can generate Molding, Sliding Door, Countertop, Sink, etc. Automatically to perfectly fit the size of the models

  • Smart Decor

Smart Decor

One-click rendering of accessories inside cabinets and on tabletops to make your design more real and lively. You can also configure your own decor templates (enterprise users).