[Advanced] Style Templates

What can Style Templates do?

  • It defines the style of all the models in your project.

How to use it?

  • Designers can use the templates after enterprises have enabled them. Once a template is applied, all the models in the project will be renewed with its style.

How to create and enable style templates?

1. Go to Merchant Platform > Custom Furniture/ Kitchen & Bath >Advanced




2. Click Style Templates



3. Click New Template




4. Enter the style name and introduction. Upoload images. After you have filled the blanks, and click Next to continue.


5. Edit the materials and style of wardrobes, doors and drawer front.

(Note: style items can be added or deleted by Edit the System Item)







6. After you have edited the style item, please click Next to select the tag. The step is optional, you can skip it or choose any tags that fit the template, and click Complete to save the changes.

(Note: the tags can be added, deleted and renamed in Edit Tag)








After you have configurated the templates, designers can see it in the design tool.