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Intellectual Property Terms

Important Note:

Coohom Inc. and its affiliates (“we”, “us” or “Coohom Group”) respects and protects the intellectual property rights of users, and has specially formulated the Intellectual Property Terms (“Terms”) for this purpose. These Terms are valid for a long time and is inseparable from the User Agreement and the Privacy Policy, and has the same legal effect.

These Terms consist of the Intellectual Property Statement and the Intellectual Property Infringement Complaints and Handling Procedures two parts. Please read and understand the Terms carefully. If you have any concerns about the Terms, please send emails to the Coohom Group support team via support@coohom.com. By using or continuing to use the features and services of Coohom Platform (“Coohom Platform”), you acknowledge and accept these Terms may be updated at any time.

Intellectual Property Statement

1. Notice for Uploading Content

1.1 Users can upload models, floor plans, decoration plans, design specifications, tutorials, rendering effect, literal expression and other content (“Content”) to the Coohom Platform. Before uploading Content, you shall confirm that you own the ownership and intellectual property rights of such Content, or have obtained the legal authorization.

1.2 At the same time, you shall also confirm that the contents you publish will not infringe on the trade secrets or other legal rights of others, and will not violate your confidentiality obligations to third parties.

2. Licensing for Content Uploaded by User

2.1 By posting Content on Coohom Platform, you consent to grant Coohom Group a worldwide non-exclusive license to use the Content and such a license shall be free, irrevocable, permanent, re-licensable or transferable. Coohom Group reserves the right to use the Content in accordance with such permission to display, promote, and utilize them in other ways that are not prohibited by applicable laws. As it should be, such licensing does not mean that you give up the ownership of Content, but only grant Coohom Group and other users licenses to use Content.

3. Precautions for Using User Uploads

3.1 Please notice that when using Content uploaded by other users: Your license is limited to use other user-uploaded contents for personal and non-commercial purposes. For example, using models uploaded to Model Library by other users for your interior design and floor plan generation. Without written permission from Coohom Group and the original author, you are not allowed to reproduce, reprint, or use such User Uploads in any other way. Otherwise, you need to bear the corresponding tort liability.

4. Intellectual Property Statement for Coohom Platform

4.1 The intellectual property rights, including but not limited to trademark rights, patents, copyrights, and trade secrets of all contents on Coohom platform, including but not limited to projects, images, files, information, documentation, platform architecture, platform screen arrangement, and web design belong to Coohom Group or other obligees. Without the specific written agreement of Coohom Group or other obligees, no one shall use, modify, reproduce, publicly display, alter, distribute or publicly publish Coohom platform programs or contents.

4.2 Without the specific written agreement of Coohom Group, no one shall reproduce, copy, forge, sell, resell, or access Coohom Platform or any part thereof for any commercial purposes.

4.3 All legitimate rights and interests of any software (including but not limited to any image, photo, animation, video, audio recording, music, text, additional program, and attached material) used by Coohom Group belong to the copyright holders of the software. The user shall not reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble the software without the permission of its copyright holder, or otherwise discover the original code of the software, and implement any alleged copyright infringement.

5. Coohom Brand & Trademark

5.1 The texts, graphics, and combinations thereof concerning the logo and “Coohom”, as well as other logos, symbols, products, and service names of Coohom Platform are Coohom Group’s trademarks in the US, Canada, China, or other countries. Without specific written authorization, no one shall display, use or otherwise dispose of it in any way, or indicate to others that you reserve the right to display, use or otherwise deal with it.

5.2 When you use the name, logo, trademark, or other information stated in Article 5.1, please do not use it in the following ways, because these methods of use are unwelcomed and may result in infringement liability:
(1) Make others misunderstand that you are or your behavior is on behalf of Coohom Group/ authorized by Coohom Group/ associated with Coohom Group;
(2) Deceptive and defamatory use;
(3) Use our name, logo, or trademark for commercial purposes, or as the main name, title, and logo of related business conducts;
(4) Use our name as the keyword or search tag for you and the products or services you provide;
(5) Other uses that may lead to confusion, misunderstanding, and infringement.

5.3 Coohom Group reserves the right to ask you to take legal responsibility for the improper use of its brand and trademark.

Intellectual Property Infringement Complaints and Handling Procedures

If you believe that the contents uploaded and displayed by Coohom Platform users on the Platform infringe on your relevant rights, please send a notice to Coohom Group. Coohom Group will take measures according to relevant laws and regulations.

1. Notice of Rights

1.1 If you believe that your rights are being infringed, please submit your complaint to Coohom Group support team by email at support@coohom.com. This form may be used to report all types of intellectual property claims including, but not limited to, copyright, trademark, design and patent claims. To submit a notice of intellectual property infringement, you must be the right owner who owns the intellectual property being reported or an agent with permission from the right owner to submit notices on his or her behalf.

1.2 You should include the following information in your report:
(1) Specific identification of the intellectual property you believe is infringed, such as the registration number, written description of or link to copyrighted work, first date of use, etc;
(2) Nature of infringement, whether infringement occurs on the product, physical product packaging, image on the product detail page, or text on the product detail page;
(3) List of infringing models, floor plans, decoration plans, design specifications, tutorials, rendering effect, literal expression, including screening shoot of the detail pages;
(4) List of infringing users, if applicable;
(5) Supporting documentation or any other information that will help Coohom Group in processing your complaint;
(6) Your contact details, such as your name, address, phone number, email address, and secondary contact details.

1.3 Please do not submit more than one type of intellectual property violation per notice. In order to ensure quality and quick resolution of your notices, we will only process the specific complaint type you have chosen in the notice (such as, patent, trademark, or copyright). The following are examples of submissions that contain more than one complaint type within a notice:
(1) Selecting trademark infringement and discussing copyright issues in the submission. The notice will be processed as a trademark complaint only. If you want to report infringement of a trademark and a copyright, file separate notices.
(2) Indicating two trademark numbers in one notice, as only the first trademark number will be considered for that notice. If you want to report infringement of separate trademarks, file separate notices.

1.4 If circumstances have changed post-submission of your infringement complaint, you may submit a retraction.

2. Special Tips

2.1 Please notice that you shall be responsible for the authenticity of the notice of rights; the counterclaim shall be responsible for the counterclaim. If your "claim" or "counterclaim" is inaccurate, you shall be liable for all liability (including but not limited to various compensations and attorneys' fees).