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How to Search Floor Plan?
How to Search Floor Plan?
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Coohom provides tens of thousands of floor plans in the United States, mainly in the states of California and Florida. Users can search and use floor plans directly, then to design much more easily and conveniently by searching floor plans when creating new projects.

  1. go to Merchant Platform > Projects > My Projects > New Project.

  2. click Search Floor Plan in the new pop-up window.

  3. Type in an address, complex name, city or zip code of the floor plan, then search.

  4. select the target floor plan, click.

  5. Create.

  6. Then, Coohom will create the floor plan automatically. Users can view it in 2D or 3D mode.

After that, users can adjust the walls and do further design as he likes.

Due to the unit types of the community are often renovated or changed, sometimes the results are not consistent with the search of the floor plan. At this time, it is recommended that you create the floor plan by drawing.

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