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[Enterprise] 3D Viewer Optimizations: deletion and privacy
[Enterprise] 3D Viewer Optimizations: deletion and privacy
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Deletion, quota recovery, and non-automated synchronization.

Live date: July 2nd, 2021

User type applied: all enterprise accounts


Once a 3D Viewer is generated, a quota will be used and it is irreversible. There's no way to get the quota back even if the client is not satisfied with the effect of the generated 3D viewer.

After Improvement

Main Change 1: add delete operation to generated 3D viewers

After deletion, the 3D viewer of this product is no longer available and the quota will go back to the user's account.

The user can re-create the 3D viewer again by following the original creation process.


Main Change 2: The 3D viewer created in the modeling system will not automatically be synchronized to Coohom platform.

The client needs to click “create 3D Viewer” to make the 3D Viewer available. The quota will be consumed when the 3D Viewer is created in the client’s merchant platform.


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