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[Enterprise] Implement correct conversion of custom tools in metric to ft units
[Enterprise] Implement correct conversion of custom tools in metric to ft units
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Parametric Edit

Live date: Aug 26th, 2021

User type applied: for Enterprise account (which bought parameterized editor)


  • Now, the customization tool has been added to the British unit configuration, the unit can be switched in the setting to realize the conversion of length.

Notice: All parameter values are converted according to the length.

In order to guarantee the accuracy of parameter value conversion of area and quantity type. You can perform the following operations:

1、Single-object Edit

  • [Entrance]

Customize model (parameterized model, 3D model) variable edit panel >> The unit type

  • Optional:
    General: default length conversion
    Length: need conversion
    Area: need to convert to ft square
    Quantity: need no conversion



Advanced - Parameters and Data - Batch Edit - Modifying custom variables - The unit type


3、Identify the parameter unit type on the model in the tool

When switching the unit to ft in the toolset, it is necessary to identify the type of parameter unit on the model and convert according to different types:


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