The 3D Viewer Effect Editor can fine-tune 3D models by adjusting the lighting, lens effects, and material color to further customize the product in context.

To Access :

Enterprise Catalog >> Product >> 3D Viewer >> 3D Viewer Editor


# Core Feature Update:

Light and lens customization options for the models and environment. Material editing has been enabled for models within the 3D viewer.


↓ How to use 3D Viewer Editor?

1.【Ambient light selection and adjustment】

  • Studio& scene

  • Light parameters (Brightness, Contrast, Ambient Occlusion)

  • Background color


  • Model amplification

  • Save/cancel the initial viewing angle

3.【Materials Replacer allows direct editing】

  • Map size

  • Reflection (reflect the corresponding color)

  • Gloss (leather, metal, etc.)

  • Bump (texture pattern etc.)

  • Transparency (acrylic, glass, etc.)


General operation instructions (Reset, Save, Initialization)


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