How to Upload CAD Floor Plan as Image?

1. Upload image as floor plan. Click New Project > Import Drawings Only JPEG/PNG file format supported.

2. Once click on Import Drawings, choose selected image from own computer folder.

3. Click AutoRec button for simplified version of floor plan and Draw button for complicated version of floor plan.

4. Once image uploaded succesfully, please use the blue ruler to make ratio bar on floor plan. Use one of the measurement number displayed on the floor plan as reference.

5. Once ratio bar is set, click Confirm.

6. Below setting is to display (tick) or undisplay image (untick). Wall transparency can be adjusted by dragging the ruler from 0 % to 100 %.

7. Once floor plan is uploaded, user still need to draw own walls using this tool (wall) or (room) before start the design.

8. Please note that import floor plan only available for first floor and other floors are not able to use import image feature.