If your subscription has expired, you can renew your subscription with one of the following two methods:

Option 1:

1. Log inwith your Coohom account.

2. Click your avatar at the top right corner in the merchant platform.

3. Select Account Settings in the drop-down menu.

4. Go to Account SettingsBilling.

5. Click GO PRO to renew your subscription.

6. Fill in all required fields in the following Checkout page.

7. Click COMPLETE ORDER to confirm.

Option 2:

1. Click Pricing in the header of the homepage.

2. In the Pricing page, click PURCHASE

to go PRO or Premium under Individual Plans. In the following Checkout page, please fill in all required fields.、

3. Click COMPLETE ORDER to confirm.、

4. When purchased successfully, your order information will be displayed in a new web page and a PDF invoice will be sent to your login email address.

5. To upgrade to Coohom Enterprise, please click CONTACT US under Enterprise Plans and send your request to our support team.

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