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[Enterprise] 3D Viewer Product Configurator
[Enterprise] 3D Viewer Product Configurator
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  • Assemble the product
    -Single model replacement within a group model

    -Replace individual elements of products

  • Place the model freely

Clients can assemble the product in advance, place the model freely in a suitable position, and then view assembly results through the 3D viewer.


(1) Precondition

All models need to be generated within 3D Viewer in order to be used and placed.

Enterprise Category >>Product >> Furniture Create 3D Viewer

1 (2)

(2) Combination
3D Viewer Sets >> New 3D viewer set >> Add similar item >> Import

  • Add the model to replace accessories

2 (2)

(3) Adjust accessories position

  • Separate displacement for each replaced item, with saving functionality.

3 (2)

  • Anchor Settings (move, add, name)

4 (2)

  • Combined assembly

5 (2)


(4) Portfolio management (rename set, publish, and duplicate)


Overall Process Operation video for 3D Viewer Set

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