Unfulfilled Subscription Recurring Billing

If the subscription recurring billing fails, you'll have one week to recharge your account and your subscription service will not be cancelled right away. During this period, you should:

1. Log inwith your Coohom account.

2. Click your avatar at the top right corner in the merchant platform.

3. Select Account Settings in the drop-down menu.

4. Go to Account SettingsBilling.

5. Click "update" in the error prompt or click the pencil icon in Payment Info to update your payment information.

6. Click UPDATE to confirm.

7. Wait for the successful payment to keep your subscription. Emails will be sent to you when failed payments occur or expiring cards exist during this week.

Note: If you fail to pay the bill after one week, we're sorry to downgrade your account to Free. Please remember to keep your payment information updated.