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Subscription Agreement

Please read Coohom SaaS Service Subscription Agreement carefully before clicking COMPLETE ORDER button.

Coohom SaaS Service Subscription Agreement

Please read this Agreement very carefully before subscribing to Coohom SaaS service.

1. Subscription:
To use Coohom paid software or service, you can complete the payment by following the guide in the software or service interface. (If you purchase a Coohom SaaS service by signing an offline written contract with Coohom or Coohom reseller, all contents concerning the order, payment, subscription and after-sales service shall be subject to the written contract signed between you and Coohom or Coohom reseller.)

2. Term:
The subscription period for Coohom software and services is on a monthly or yearly basis from the date of receipt of your payment.

3. Renewal:
In order to avoid any inconvenience or loss caused by your failure to renew the subscription timely due to negligence or other reasons, Coohom provides you with the automatic renewal service. Unless there is other provision specified by Coohom, the subscription period will be automatically renewed for another one subscription period at the end of the current subscription period. You hereby authorize Coohom to deduct the next subscription period fee from your payment account on the next billing date. You should ensure that Coohom can successfully deduct the payment from your payment account. You agree to take responsibility for the failure of renewal due to insufficient deductible balance. You can also manage your subscription and cancel the auto-renewal in the subscription interface (e.g. the Subscription section under iOS).

4. Termination:
You can cancel your Coohom software and service subscription or reduce the number of accounts accessing Coohom software and services at any time through the subscription interface (e.g. the Subscription section under iOS) before the end of the first subscription period or any subsequent subscription period. Such cancellations or reductions shall be effective in the following subscription period after the expiration of the current subscription period. Under no circumstances shall you be entitled to get the refund you paid to Coohom or to reduce fees payable to Coohom as of the date of termination.

5. Tax and Sales Voucher:
The tax concerning the subscription service shall be borne by you. If the service provider is obligated to collect or pay the tax, then Coohom shall issue you with sales vouchers for such tax in accordance with laws and regulations.

6. Pricing:
The subscription price is the tax-included price. If there is a price change during the subscription period, including the tax-included price adjustment caused by the change in the applicable VAT rate (or other additional taxes or duties), Coohom shall promptly notify the user in a reasonable manner. It should be noted that the price paid by the paid user before the change occurs during the current subscription period will not be affected. But after the current subscription period, you need to re-subscribe the service and the subscription price will be adjusted accordingly.

7. Service Interruption:
During the subscription period, if the service interruption during use is caused by Coohom, Coohom will extend the subscription period of the user according to the service interruption period as the compensation; However, if it is your reason that makes Coohom cannot solve the problem in time, you should bear the corresponding responsibility and the service period will not be extended.

8. License:
The intellectual property and ownership of all the technologies and products of Coohom SaaS service belong to Coohom. You shall use Coohom SaaS service in a manner consistent with the terms of the End User License Agreement. The license shall not be transferred without authorization and shall not be used beyond the licensing scope.