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How to upload Sketchup(.skp) to Coohom?
How to upload Sketchup(.skp) to Coohom?
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If you don't know the workflow on how to render the exterior of your home design, here's how Farnsworth House by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe works demonstrated on our youtube channel:

  1. Model in SketchUp

  2. Upload it to your personal library

  3. Drag and drop to adapt the materials

  4. Set up your camera angle, and render!

Tips for uploading

  • There's a size limitation of 30x30m, so make sure to scale it after uploading if you need to

  • Make sure your SketchUp models are as clean as possible

  • Make sure that there is not a backward surface in the model, otherwise, it will be missing once it's uploaded

  • Roofs and ceilings are independent components

  • SketchUp texture sets can be recognized in Coohom

  • Turn on the sunlight for exterior rendering, as the lighting will be low by default

Useful link:

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