Perspective Composition Tips
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Composition is what sets professionals apart from the average joes. And composition is not difficult. In this blog post, we will learn the top 5 composition techniques to take your renderings to the next level.

  1. Rule Of Thirds

    The Rule of Thirds is by far the best composition technique to improve landscape rendering. We divide our image into nine equal squares with 2 horizontal and 2 vertical lines spanning across the image.

  2. Golden Spiral/Golden Ratio

    The Golden Ratio allows for a composition that is perfectly balanced from a viewer’s perspective, creating a photograph that is most pleasing to the human eye.

  3. Symmetry

    Symmetry is one of the top used photographic composition methods for interior 3D renders and interior design. When we see symmetry used in interior design, we’re picking up on a familiar pattern and are able to process the individual elements of the room faster.

  4. Golden Triangle

    The Golden Triangle is a variant of the rule of thirds. With this type of composition, you’ll be using diagonals in your renderings. This will give your render a more dynamic feel.

  5. Diagonals

    Diagonal lines work well to draw the eye of an image’s viewer through the photograph. They create points of interest as they intersect with other lines and often give images depth by suggesting perspective.

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