Camera Setting Tips
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Camera composition settings

Step 1:Adjust height and Angle

Height is best between 1100 and 1300. Camera Angle better keeps 0 degrees.

Step 2: FOV(Field of view) and crop

For an overview spatial representation, 60-80 of FOV degrees performs best. The 0-30 degree FOV is suitable for partial rendering. The view can be used in conjunction with camera clipping to make it easier to find good angles.

Step 3:Choose composition

The tool provides four different compositions, with 16:9 and 4:3 being the most commonly used. Detail representation can be used 3:4.

Step 4: Save the view

A very practical and important function, when you adjust a satisfactory perspective, keep in mind to save. (Ctrl+D as Shortcut)

  • Clipping: create a realistic view

  • Camera Correction:

    • A rectification method for perspective images of scene planes using multiple constraints was proposed in this paper without knowing any camera parameters.

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