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3 Steps to Light Customization
3 Steps to Light Customization

How to get a photo-realistic rendering?

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Enter by clicking the "+ customize" toolbar.

Coohom Dictionary: Lighting Customization is based on default settings. There are 3 steps to make a nice bespoke lighting environment for your photo-realistic renderings.

Step 1: Choose a default template

tips: Understanding the performance of default settings is significant. See more here.

Step 2: Adjust Sunlight

You can adjust the softness of the sunshine to make the rendering quality better and more realistic.

Easier to adjust the angle of the lightning.

  • Status: turn on/off the sunlight effect

  • Temp.: decide overall color temperature as warmer or cooler

  • The softness of the shadows: effect shown as below

  • Brightness: is an attribute of visual perception in which a source appears to be radiating or reflecting light, no more than 50% recommended

  • Sunlight projects to every room: a fake effect on each room having a sunlight effect when rendering

  • Custom sunlight position: decide the position and solar altitude by location of your project

Step 3: Add-up lighting effects and strengthen the atmosphere

3 Kinds of lighting are available with customization tools.

See the difference below

体积光 副本


  • Basic Lights

    • Rectangle Light: can be understood as area light source/surface light source

    • Omni Light: can be understood as spotlight/sphere light

  • Volumetric Lights: In volumetric lighting, the light cone emitted by a light source is modeled as a transparent object and considered as a container of a "volume".

  • IES Lights: IES stands for a file format in Illuminating engineering industry, which describes the distribution of light from a light source.

    • Many manufactures provide IES files for their lights, and you can upload your own IES Light if it is a product from a designated brand.

    • To change light color, drag one color to the floorplan and change the color in the right hand panel.

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