Live date: Nov 25th, 2021

User type applied: all Enterprise users

The Photo Studio has been expanded into three different feature entrances.


1)Photo studio >> Products

Merchandise Shooting upgrade allowed the multi-commodity shooting in one studio (studio edit prompts).

From January 1st, 2022, all enterprise accounts with new photo studio orders will be automatically upgraded to New photo studio consumption rules.

How to upgrade photo studio?

Admin account >> Photo Studio >> Products >> select a model >> enter a Studio

>> click Edit>> click Upgrade in the upper left corner of the page

>> Read the upgraded content carefully and confirm the upgrade.

  • 【How to upgrade photo studio】


  • 【Cross-category photography】

  • 【Construction edit】

2)Photo Studio >> Studio Collection

  • This is a new feature for Photo Studio

  • Click the studio to preview a photo or video album

  • The shot button icon changes depending on the type of preview (photo or video)


3)Photo Studio >> Access Management

The Admin Account can manage the photo studio access of sub-accounts.

The photo studio access of all sub-accounts is enabled by default.


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