This topic describes how to render, view, and delete 16K panoramas.


Coohom provides multiple resolution options for you to render panoramas, including Standard, HD, and Ultra HD. With the increasing need for higher resolutions, the 16K resolution is now available for rendering panoramas.


Currently, the 16K resolution option is only supported for enterprise accounts. Make sure that you have an enterprise account before you perform the following steps.


Render 16K panoramas

1. Move the pointer over a project and click Enter Tool that appears.

2. On the Tool page, click Render in the top navigation bar to go to the Render page.

3. On the Render page, Click the Panorama tab and click 16K in the Resolutions section. You can view the remaining number of 16K render tickets on the right of the 16K option.

Note: Each enterprise account has 50 tickets for 16K rendering per month. Currently, 16K rendering is not supported for individual accounts.

4. Adjust the camera and click Render at the bottom of the page.

5. A red number badge appears. The number indicates the number of the newly rendered panoramas. For example, a red badge with the “2” number indicates that you have clicked Render twice.

6. Click Gallery to go to the Gallery page. You can view the rendering status of a panorama at the bottom of the corresponding thumbnail.

7. After the rendering of a panorama is complete, a red badge appears in the upper right corner of the corresponding thumbnail.

View 16K panoramas

1. Move the pointer over the thumbnail and click View that appears to view a larger image.

2. Click View 360° HD panorama to load the panorama in the viewer.

Note: Loading a 16K panorama takes a while.

3. Click Floor Plan Navigator in the lower right corner of the viewer to show or hide the floor plan navigator. The floor plan navigator is shown by default.

4. Click Product List to show or hide the list of products that are in the panorama.

5. Click Share to show or hide the Share Panorama message.

6. Click the icons in the upper right corner of the viewer to enable or disable full screen, auto-rotate, and product hotspot display.

7. Close the browser tab to exit viewing the panorama.

Delete 16K panoramas

For a panorama to be rendered (the status is “In Queue”), move the pointer over the corresponding thumbnail and the Delete icon appears. Click the Delete icon and click Confirm in the dialog box that appears to cancel rendering for the panorama.

For rendered panoramas, move the pointer to the corresponding thumbnails and the checkboxes appear. Select the checkboxes and click Delete in the lower right corner of the page. Then click Confirm in the dialog box that appears to delete the panoramas.

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