Number of Objects in 3D Model Exceeds 200

The number of objects in a 3D model on Coohom platform should not exceed 200. If you see an error saying Number of objects exceeds 200 while uploading, remember to decrease the objects in your .max file first.

Under this circumstance, we have to ungroup the model. How can we do this?

First, Ctrl + A to select the model and click Group . Click Ungroup in its drop-down menu until the font is grayed out. (White font means that the model has not been ungrouped completely.)

Second, Ctrl + A to select the model and the Modifier List on the right side will show how many objects in the model are selected. (If you do not ungroup your grouped model, this list will not show this.)

Solution: Ctrl + A to select the model and right click to choose Convert to Editable Mesh.

Select some objects in this model and click Attach List in the right panel.

Ctrl + A to select all and click Attach in the pop-up Attach List.

If different materials exist among these objects, you may see the box below. Make your choice.

Finally, use the Archive functionality in 3ds Max and then upload your model to Coohom!