• What is AI Templates?

AI Templates is an automatic design application that relies on a large number of Coohom users’ excellent designs. With the templates + algorithm, designers and even sales who don't understand the design are able to quickly come up with wonderful designs.

  • Characteristic

1. Upgraded algorithm capacity
with better effect, the lower failure rate
2. The more flexible application
supports to apply soft decoration, construction, single room, and whole-house separately
3. Perfect supporting capabilities
supports templates evaluation, data dashboard

  • How to access AI Templates?

In the design tool, there is a button in the upper toolbar. Whole houses and single rooms are both available in AI Templates.


Also, when clicking on the ground, you can also select AI Templates in the floating toolbar.

  • Step-by-step illustration on How to use AI Template


1. Create a floor plan, then click AI Templates in the up toolbar.


2. Select a library, public library, enterprise library, or personal library. Filtering tags may help you to find a more suitable template.


Meaning of different tags.

Room Type: 7 kinds of room types are allowed to select, and the more you select, the less templates there lists.


Total area: It is the floor area, but not the sum of all room area.


Style: the style of the templates, supported by multiple selections. The more styles are selected, the more templates there lists.


Room Num: includes bedroom and study room.


You can also clear all the tags with one click.


3. Click the red area button to switch rooms (if you select Single Room, it is to switch different renderings).


4. Apply. Apply All, Apply Construction, Apply Decor, and Apply Accessories are the four different kinds of applications. It depends on what you required.


5. After application, the AI Templates - Footback lists models that can't be applied automatically in the floor plan and can be added manually.


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