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[Enterprise] Software settings and requirements for Parametric Editor
[Enterprise] Software settings and requirements for Parametric Editor
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1. Browser -Google Chrome
It is best to operate on the webpage when using the editor for parametric modeling. Some functions on the client are not yet supported.
You must use Google Chrome when using web pages because Google Chrome is the perfect one that supports all the functions of the editor. Using other browsers may cause some functions of the editor to be unavailable or unstable.

2. Auxiliary software: CAD
CAD software must be installed because the upload line (top line, foot line, etc.) needs to be a DXF format file in the CAD, and other models need to be built through CAD to understand the structure.

3. Auxiliary software: 3D MAX
It is recommended to install 3D MAX software if you need to use 3D models for modeling. For example, handles, carved door panels, carved Roman columns, etc. need to upload 3D models for modeling.

4. Auxiliary software: Photoshop
It is recommended to install PS for those who need to process the textures by themselves or the textures are unqualified because we need to use PS to seamlessly process the textures (for detailed operations, please refer to the seamless texture processing tutorial).

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