[Enterprise] Library Category Structure and Management

Definition: Comprehensively understand the Parametric Editor's rules of the category, and manage the enterprise library more reasonably.

Library category


① The following categories cannot be increased/decreased/modified;

② The cabinet customization category is consistent with the whole house furniture customization category

③ Door and window customization categories are different from the cabinet/whole house furniture customization. The first-level category of the front desk part of door and window customization is only the door and window library, but its usage rules are consistent;

Category Setting

The following categories are common categories that need to be set

Cabinet category setting

Component category settings

Semi-finished product category setting

Virtual model category settings

Library category definition

Library category definition: According to the attributes of the category, the corresponding model or model-related materials are included, which is convenient for management and application (the operation steps of cabinet customization and whole house furniture customization are the same).

1. Enter the whole house customization
Merchant management-whole house furniture customization (the operation steps of cabinet customization and whole house furniture customization are the same)

2. Model category analysis
2.1 Material library: used to store uploaded texture maps, suitable for flat materials, mixed materials, etc. Common materials include plates, stones, glass mirrors, leather, fabrics, metals, wall coverings, etc.
2.1.1 Upload entrance of texture map: whole house furniture customization-upload material-texture map
2.1.2 There are three levels of material library categories, as shown in the figure below, the third level directory cannot create new subdirectories.