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3D model upload and category selection
3D model upload and category selection
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Definition: The choice of the 3D model upload category will affect the model's effect and use characteristics.

1. General category introduction

The categories except for the red box in the figure are all common types. When uploading a 3D model, you can select the corresponding type according to the model and purpose. The material effect of the model uploaded to the general category will follow the settings in 3D and will be fixed.

Among them, you can upload some decoration boxes, utensils, etc.

Functional components can upload 3D models normally placed inside the cabinet, such as Duobao Pavilion and safe. When you can’t clearly distinguish your own model upload category, you can upload it here.

In the common type:

Handle classification: generally, upload the surface mounted handle (cabinet door), you need to enter the size of the handle margin when uploading, if you don’t write it, the default (30, 30), can be modified later

Faucet, sink, stove: The three types of uploaded models need to enter the corresponding location parameters, and you can search for keywords in the online disk to find the corresponding upload tutorial

2. Introduction to Special Classification

Semi-finished model:

This category is mainly used for parametric modeling. The only difference between uploading a 3D file model under this category and other categories is that the model in this category can later replace the texture map in the whole house customization. It is often used to upload 3D modeling carved door panels, which need to be converted to parametric with a cutting tool

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