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Recommended Browsers and Computers Configurations
Recommended Browsers and Computers Configurations
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  • Recommended Browsers

For the optimal performance of The Coohom, we recommend using one of the operating systems and browsers listed below. If you are part of a network, we recommend you contact your network administrator before making any changes to your current settings. If you are using an OS or browser other than those listed here, results may be unpredictable.

Current operating systems and versions

  • Windows: 7 and higher

  • Mac OS: 10.15 and higher

Current browsers and versions

  • Chrome: 83 and higher ( The most recommended)

  • Firefox: 77 and higher

  • Safari: 13.1 and higher

  • Recommended Computers Configurations

We recommend systems that meet or exceed the following specifications:

4GB memory, i3 processor with Core Display

RAM recommends is 8GB and above, i5 processor and above, preferably with a discrete graphics card.

If you are operating Coohom on the Web, Google chrome will be strongly recommended as the browser.

  • How To Check The Device Specifications?

For Windows

  1. Start-Settings

2. Enter System

Please send us a screenshot of these specifications.

For Mac

Click About This Mac and share with us the screenshot of the system specifications

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