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Failed to save the project/upload model/texture?
Failed to save the project/upload model/texture?
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There are some quick steps Coohom users could have a try before reporting it as a bug. This will save a lot of time for users to wait for feedback from Coohom's technical support team.

  • Reboot router and laptop, close all unnecessary apps/tabs in the laptop.

  • Try to connect to the internet via a mobile hotspot.

  • Turn off the firewall for the internet, anti-virus software, ad blocks apps.

  • Clear caches and cookies for the browsers.

  • Make sure good internet performance, please check the internet speed via this

  • Coohom is a cloud-based software in which all the changes auto-sync to the cloud/internet and the auto-saving function occurs every 3 minutes.

  • Users might need to turn on VPN (Virtual Private Networks) as VPN makes a tunnel to some other countries which have relatively better infrastructure and fewer restrictions on the internet.

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