What is Volumetric Light?

What is Volumetric Light?

Volumetric light, also known as “god rays”, is light passing through a medium such as mist and dust, forming an effect similar to the Tyndall effect. In nature, the appearance of volumetric light always brings a divine sense of tranquility.

What is Volumetric Light used for?

Volumetric light can enhance the atmosphere of public scenes such as the venue, improve the texture of the picture, thicker in air quality, show the dust more vividly, the renderings can be closer to reality and more lifelike.

Where is Volumetric Light?

Go to Render, Ambient Light - Customize, Volumetric Lights.

Coohom provides 8 kinds of volumetric lighting there, just select the one you need, drag and drop it into the design.

Parameter Settings are in the right panel, you can adjust the light color, brightness, bottom radius, height, front angle, etc.