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Comparison Between The Default Lighting Template
Comparison Between The Default Lighting Template
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indoor daytime

Support all new materials and compatible with most old materials.
The new ambient lights system is more transparent and bright, and the environment reflection is more realistic.
It increases the sampling value to make the edges of the model in the rendering clearer.

indoor night


Highlights: Solve the problem of too dark in small spaces and unbright dark materials, and increase noise reduction
Instructions for use: Exposure mode is exponential exposure, gamma value is 2.2; the brightness of the ambient light can be adjusted, not easy to overexpose, you need to brighten the brightness when manually lighting; suitable for the materials and pictures uploaded by the new material classification of Coujial Relatively "gray", you can use this template if you like advanced gray;
The picture rendered by "Little Fresh" lighting adopts the internationally accepted high-grade gray. The overall picture is gray, and the material will be brighter than before, showing a more advanced sense; students who need to adjust the contrast can use one-key automatic beautification.
The small fresh light field currently does not support [hard-mounted material], and the effect will be distorted (the stronger the reflection, the more distorted the product), the color deviation and the texture is not clear, so it is recommended to use natural light 3.0 at present;



natural daylight 3.0

It can automatically match the light-emitting lamps, weaken the indoor light, emphasize the outdoor natural light, and make the light feel more realistic
Instructions for use: Exposure mode is exponential exposure, gamma value is 1.0

natural nightlight 3.0

1.indoor daytime

2.indoor night


4.natural daylight 3.0

5.natural nightlight 3.0

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