[New Feature] Task Center-Points Collection and Redemption For Coohom Users

Introduction: This is a new feature in Coohom page, which is for users to get some free rendering coupons in quicker way. Go to User Center>Subscription>Task Center. Link: https://www.coohom.com/pub/saas/settings/task-center


Important notice: Only PRO account users can redeem the points.


1. Make sure re-login the account to get the daily sign-in points. Daily sign-in can earn 50 points a day and successfully sign-in 7 days in a row will receive 1000 points on the 7th day. IF failed to sign in 7 days in a row, the chance of getting 1000 points will be lost.

2. The validity of collected points: Points are valid for at least one year. Each year, points will be expire either on June 30 or December 31 of the same year. For example,points earned between January 1, 2020 and June 30, 2020 expire on June 30, 2021, and those between July 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020 expire on December 31, 2021. Points once used for redeemed coupons or expired cannot be returned.


3. The table below described about the type of task which can earn points in Coohom account.



Daily sign-in (any action in the Coohom account, make sure they are signed in)

Users can earn 50 points each day they sign in after sign in. They can sign in at any time of the day. The points can be accumulated with other point rewards.

Share Project (The first time in a day)

Users can earn 150 points for logging into Coohom every day and sharing the project for the first time.The points can be accumulated with other point rewards.

Enter tool (only first time in a day)

Users can earn 100 points each day when they log into Coohom design tools. The points can be accumulated with other point rewards.

7-days sign-in in a row

Users can earn 1000 points after sign-in for 7 days in a row. The points are add-on on those of the daily tasks, and can be earned multiple times. If failed to sign in continuously, the next day will be the beginning of new round.

4. Please make sure go back to Task Center page after complete the task to claim rewards, click on the Claim Rewards button in order to get the points added into account, or else the points will be forfeited the next day.


5. To redeem the collected points, go to User Center > Subscription > Redeem Coupons.


6. Adjust the number of coupon wish to be redeemed, click the Redeem button. Once successfully redeemed, the coupon wil be added into the account.


7. The newly added coupon will be shown in Subscription page: