What is Curve Appeal

There is a certain curve appeal that can be found in interior design, especially when it comes to smaller spaces. Curves can create an inviting and calming atmosphere, while adding personality to any room.

Ways to add Curve Appeal to your home

There are many different ways to add curve appeal to your home, so it really depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a simple, traditional style, a few straight lines might be all you need.

By Shahad Dahlaki

In this design, the designer KimDesign puts the design concept into practice perfectly. Make the walls, coffee tables, lamps and sofas rounded by using ivory and light khaki. Then garnish with greenery.

Here are some comments from our designer community:

@Aliraja:This Design Make A dynamic &curve wall good direction .Very Nice curve Direction And Design..

@dutchhomedecor:The dynamic feature wall gives a new direction in visual design with its soft curves & mood lighting it rockets this compact living space to another style dimension.


It's an amazing design. The choice of furniture, color scheme, and especially the background wall design is amazing.


I like the pieces of furniture used in this model. Love the wall cladding as well.. I guess the table lamp is quite bigger than the side table.


This is a very good wall accent, I liked how intricate the design of the curvilinear on the wall was. Nice work!

Xinyan, Community Manager at Coohom

Nice match between the curved sofa and ribbon like wall. The texture is well-smoothed out with earthy-hued plaster to create this soft and romantic space by Shahad. Love it.

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