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Make A Futuristic Dome Rendering In Coohom
Make A Futuristic Dome Rendering In Coohom
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What you can dream, you can make it in Coohom.

Different kind of models can be uploaded in Coohom and you can get fast, high quality renderings, like this Dome:

Please follow the steps below:

1. Download a dome's model from the 3D warehouse.

2. Use Sketchup to check and adjust the model, removing unnecessary elements if necessary.

3. Upload the 3D model in Coohom under Personal Library section.

4. Draw a Terrace Floorplan, set the walls to Dwarf, adjust the height to the minimum, set the height above the Dome's model.

5. Drag the 3D model into the floorplan.

6. Use the ‘Walk’ function to walk in the room, shortcut QEWSAD.

7. Go to Render page, look for Customize, choose Outdoor Reality Daytime.

8. Adjust lights under Custom Lights, make sure every room has lighting.

9. Save the Lights, then click on Render button.

10. Next, check out the rendering effect.

11. If you have Pro account and you may share this project by duplicate the link.

For more details, please check out the tutorial video below:

If you want to make a dome roof on your own, you can draw with the Material&Component tool in Coohom. Here is a tutorial video for your reference:

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