PRODUCT UPDATE-Coohom & AIGC | Connecting AI and 3D Space to Create Better Lifestyle


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Are You Ready to Experience the Ultimate 3D Spatial Design Solutions?

Coohom would like to announce very exciting news to the market, we have established the AIGC Lab dedicated to 3D Spatial Design!

Background of AIGC:

For those who may not be familiar with AIGC, it stands for AI-generated content, which is widely regarded as the next stage of content generation after PGC (Professionally Generated Content) and UGC (User-Generated Content). PGC is typically created by brands that hire creative professionals like graphic designers and animators, while UGC is created by end users and uploaded to social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter. There is also an intermediate category known as AI-Assisted Generated Content (AAGC), where AI aids humans to generate content in a semi-automated manner.

To utilize our product, please follow these two simple steps:

FIRST: Upload a clear and complete product image (each file must be less than 5MB and in png, jpeg, webp, heic, or bmp format).

SECOND: Input key information and click Generate button.

Choose the background design you prefer and download it.

The image below displays the number of available coupons before generating them.


The template is specialized for furniture products at the moment, while Prompts could be adapted to a much broader type of product;
Do not choose any Template when using Prompts.

Not satisfied with 2D images?
Try Coohom 3D design tool now!

Thank you for choosing our product. We hope you enjoy using it!

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