How To Find Models In Coohom?
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Actually, Coohom already has over 350,000 interior models. Once you register with Coohom, these models will be available in your account without downloading them to your computer, and without taking up local storage space.

So, how can you find and use so many models? It's actually quite simple. (tutorial video at the bottom)

First, you can find the Model Library on the Coohom homepage, where you can view and collect models in the 3D Model and Featured Model sections.

Then, when creating a project, you can find the previously collected models in your personal collection.

There are 6 ways to find the model you want in the floorplan:

  1. Use the category tree to find the exact category of the model, and go to the corresponding model library.

2. Use image search, upload or paste an image to search for similar models, usually with corresponding results.

3. Use accurate English to search or click on related words to find models. If the search has no results, you can try changing the keyword, such as plants, tree, grass, landscape.

4. Check Featured Model, where interesting and high-quality models are updated weekly.

5. Check Brands Library, where you can find furniture from globally well-known brands that you can buy in the real world.

6. Coohom has divided its models into 10 categories. If you are familiar with the category of the model, you can go directly to different categories to find the corresponding models, such as Lighting-Floor Lamps.

What's more interesting is that when you drag a model into the floorplan, recommended related models will appear in the lower left corner, and you can also find models here.

Please refer to the youtube video as below:

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