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PRODUCT UPDATE-【Freetrial Modification 】and【construction drawings】
PRODUCT UPDATE-【Freetrial Modification 】and【construction drawings】
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Hello Coohomers, kindly find some new update for Coohom tool.

【Freetrial Modification】(For individual only)

  1. We have increased Freetrail model permissions for users in Saudi Arabia, Romania, Malaysia, and Spain.

  2. Freetrial mode users' trial rights will be adjusted: when the user registered a Freetrial account, they will have the Pro account rights for 14 days. If the user does not pay after the expiration, the account will be automatically downgraded and the SD, HD, and UHD rendering coupons will be eliminated, it will still retain the previously rendered content.


13 countries are supporting Freetrial mode now!

Spain, Malaysia, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Portugal, Greece, Poland, United Kingdom, France

【Bug Fixed】

  1. 【Manufacture Catalog】Fixed an issue that the Advanced tool of individual users would display two Brand Catalogs, which are the Brand Area (Kujiale) and Manufacture Catalog (Coohom)

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