Cloud Design 5.0 : Multi-floor Creation And Floor Attribute Modification

1. Function Introduction

Creating multi-layer plans and modifying floor properties.

2. Tool Version

Cloud Design 5.0, click here to create 5.0 project.

3. Entry Introduction

Click on a blank space on the canvas or right-click to deselect an object - Floor properties on the right panel.

4. Detailed Explanation of Functions

Creating New Floors:

Click on the button to create a new upper floor or new lower floor.

If you need to create a new floor directly at the top or bottom, click on the expand button for new options.

Floor Editing:

After selecting the current floor, you can customize the floor name, up to 20 characters.

Dropdown floor list allows switching, deleting, and rearranging the order of floors.

Basic Parameters:

Interior Area: Set the interior area value of the current floor, and the floor plan in the canvas will be scaled proportionally.

Floor Height: Set the floor height value of the current floor, and each floor can have a different height value.

Floor Thickness: Set the floor thickness of the current floor, and each floor can have a different thickness value.