Basic Principles of Parametric Modeling

1. Parameterized modeling

Parameterized modeling is a modeling method that changes the model by setting parameters and referencing them in the model. The parameterized model has three dimensional parameter variables W, D, and H, which means the width, depth, and height of the model. And there is a material parameter variable CZ. Changing the size of parameters W, D, and H can change the size of the model. Changing the parameter CZ can change the material of the model.

2.Material mapping rules

1.The default texture of the material is horizontal stripes.

2.The material is tiled on the panel by tiling, that is, the material is tiled one by one on the panel according to the size of the panel and the size of the texture to achieve the overall material mapping of the panel.

3. Rotation rules

Rotate following the right-hand screw rule, looking from the positive direction of the axis to the negative direction, counterclockwise is positive, and clockwise is negative. The coordinate axis in the editor has a solid line indicating the positive direction of the axis. That is, the positive direction of the X-axis is to the right, the positive direction of the Y-axis is towards the back, and the positive direction of the Z-axis is upwards.