Bathroom cabinet drawer filling


The drawer partitioning function saves designers a lot of time during the design process by eliminating the need for manual calculation of drawer dimensions. Designers can choose the number and method of generation to complete the drawer design quickly.

The drawer partitioning function is divided into the following three types: even distribution, proportion, and precise numerical value.


Step 1: Drag the "drawer" model from the left sidebar or double-click to select an existing drawer.

Step 2: Select the drawer and click the "Fill With Drawers" button.

Step 3: Select the interior space that needs to be filled, choose the "number" for the drawer, select "fill mode", and the system will automatically calculate and generate the partitions based on the interior space and the number of drawers, filling the entire interior space. Click "OK" to evenly distribute the drawer fills in one click, and complete the drawer fill process.