Customized Quotation Template

1. Definition

Establish a quotation rule library, determine the engineering quantity calculation rules, units, unit prices for different products under different quotation methods, and set the grouping coefficient for account groups and each quotation rule.

When calculating the quotation, match the corresponding quotation rule for the model in the proposal based on the quotation category and quotation method, and calculate the final quotation based on the group to which the account belongs.

After setting is completed, the price will be generated automatically on the Coolapk front-end. According to the rules, the price will change with the change of size or material. After adjustment, the quotation list can be downloaded with one click.

2. Features

(1) Support the three common quotation methods in the industry (projection area quotation, unfolding area quotation, meter quotation) and unique quotation methods of self-enterprises;

(2) By setting the quotation coefficient, the quotation rule can be reused repeatedly. It supports complex quotation methods that affect the price at the same time, such as associated substrates, board sizes, etc., saving labor and time costs, and minimizing errors by calculating material and outputting lists with one click.

(3) Support the headquarters to fully control the quotation coefficients of stores and dealers based on usage scenarios (such as store activities, dealer exclusive quotations).

3. What problems does independent pricing solve?

Merchants often face the following problems:

1. Slow manual quotation, high cost of labor and low efficiency: after making the model, a detailed report needs to be listed according to its quotation mode.

2. Quotation error:

[Projection area quotation]: For parts that exceed the standard configuration, detailed itemized quotation is required when purchasing. Therefore, the estimation will have a certain deviation. In addition, if the plan or size is changed later, the quotation will fluctuate slightly.

[Unfolding area quotation]: Valuation takes time. When modifying the plan again, it is necessary to recalculate the increase or decrease of details, which not only has high time cost but also requires high professional quality of service personnel.

[Meter quotation]: The diversity of cabinet design determines the uncertainty of the price per meter, thus determining the fluctuation of the meter price.

3. Stores or distributors under the enterprise have their own quotation coefficients, or the promotional prices due to discounts and promotions will change, but the company's product prices cannot be changed accordingly.

How independent pricing solves the problem:

1. By setting quotation rules, products with the same rules can use them together and generate corresponding prices automatically;

2. Based on the set quotation rules, the front-end tool generates prices in real-time, and a detailed quotation list can be downloaded;

3. Enterprises can adjust the quotation coefficient for stores and distributors to meet their needs. In addition, if the other party's price modification requirements are frequent, the company can also assign budget staff to assist in modifying the quotation coefficient of its sub-accounts.

4. What quotation methods are currently supported?

Currently, not only unfold area quotation, projection area quotation, and meter quotation commonly used in the industry are supported by default, but merchants can also customize other unique quotation methods according to the needs of their own enterprises, including the generation and output of cost prices.

5. Quotation function permission allocation on demand

The main account can assign permission to use the quotation method to the corresponding sub-account according to the needs of the distributor. For example, the cost price can only be displayed and used by one administrator account under it, while other accounts cannot use or even see it.