Quotation List Style

1. Feature Introduction

Enterprises have different needs for the inventory style based on their own pricing system, and the default inventory format often cannot meet their needs. The customized inventory function of Kujiale effectively solves such problems.

According to their own pricing model, customize the style, content, and quantity of the quotation list, and support directly viewing the contents of the quotation list on the web page. The display content in the list can be dynamically adjusted through preset parameters. Its flexible viewing method can help store personnel better display the quotation to owners.

2. Feature Operation

  • Making inventory reports

Making inventory reports

A special spreadsheet is needed to create a custom inventory, which will be imported into the Kujiale background after it is created. (Special training is required, please consult the enterprise operation & implementation engineer for details.)

  • Quotation Setting

Quotation Setting

3. Front-end Usage