Order Process Management


We provide end-to-end order process management services for enterprises, from sales orders to production orders. This helps enhance communication efficiency between designers and order reviewers, addresses the current pain point of complex order processing, and improves delivery speed.


We offer an end-to-end order process management solution that covers the entire process from order receipt to design, review, and placement, while also allowing administrators to review orders for their respective territories.

Our solution features multi-role management capabilities

Order Reviewers: Verify whether designs are in compliance with manufacturing processes and other criteria.

Designers: Enter customer information and develop design proposals.

Store Managers: View overall order progress data.

Designer One-Click Submission

One-click submission of design proposals, supporting individual cabinet review.

Auditors Online Claiming

Order reviewers can claim and manage orders online, and access design proposal notes.

One-Click Synchronization of Design Proposals

Designers can implement order reviewer modification suggestions with one-click synchronization.

Orders Can Be Voided or Returned

Orders can be voided or returned to their original state, providing flexibility in order management.