Real-time Quotation

The system supports automatic price changes based on the dimensions, materials, and styles of the customized product


As custom products need to achieve on-demand design with freely variable material style, it is essential that the price changes accordingly. The self-quotation function allows for simultaneous price changes as the model is modified in terms of size, material, and style.


1. Price changes according to the variation in dimensions:


2. Price changes according to the variation in material



Flexible matching, support for pricing of hardware, lines, and accessories, which can be included in the installation cost.

Pricing for customized furniture hardware is essential; all that is required is to set the price for the hardware in the model, and it will be computed as part of the total price. Additionally, when setting the quotation rules, any additional fees can be written in the "additional fees" column, including installation costs, and they will also be calculated as part of the total price, with support for formula writing. These two features can generate detailed information in the generated report.