Boolean Modeling
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I.Target Users

II.Configuration method

I.Target Users

1. Enterprise with configuration permission of the merchant backend.

2. An account with "Boolean Modeling Slotting" permission.

II.Configuration method

Enter the parameter editor, create-element library-oblique sweeping (note: Boolean modeling only supports oblique sweeping). 

Add Boolean modeling blocks in the model structure navigation, and click multiple times to add multiple Boolean modeling blocks:

The Boolean modeling block is consistent with the editing interface of the general flat panel component.

If it overlaps with the oblique swept entity, it will be hollowed out; if the Boolean modeling block does not overlap with the oblique swept entity, the oblique swept entity will not be hollowed out;

Note: The Boolean modeling block only has hollowing out effect on oblique swept entities. If the non-oblique swept model entity overlaps with the Boolean modeling block, there will be no hollowing out effect.

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