Handle-Free Merging

I.Target Users:

An account that has the permission to "merge and generate handle-free models".

II.Function Path and Operation Steps:

1.Preconditions for merging:

The true category of the handle-free model must be "handle-free-2170."

The left and right spacing of the handle-free model must be ≤3mm.

The size after merging must not exceed the maximum limit of the handle-free model #W in the true category of 2170 handle-free models.

The selected handle-free models to merge must be of the same type.

2.Configuration Effects:

2.1. Normal merging operation situation:

2.2. Situation where the post-merging size exceeds the maximum handle-free size limit: The system will prompt.

2.3. Situation where the product ID of the handle-free model is inconsistent when selecting to merge:Will result in being prompted the merge handle fails