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New Version Of Custom Modeling Tool - Beginner's Guide
New Version Of Custom Modeling Tool - Beginner's Guide
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Introduction to the Entrance:

1. The Advanced tool has added a new tool called "Custom Modeling."

2. Clicking on the Custom Modeling tool will bring up several sections:

Toolbar - Enhanced modeling capabilities

Asset Library - Provides a vast collection of models, materials, and plugin abilities

View Switching and Visibility Control

Canvas Camera Angle Switching

Room Switching

Function Introduction:

  1. Toolbar Introduction:

Compared to the original modeling tool(Material&Component tool), the new version of Custom Modeling significantly enhances its capabilities.

  • 3D Text Capability

  • Mirror Capability

XY Flip

YZ Flip

XZ Flip

Custom Mirror

  • Array Capability

Linear Array

Circular Array

  • 3D Chamfer Capability

  • Boolean Capability




  • Reference Line Segment Capability

Reference Line Segment Extension Capability - Sweeping

  1. Resource Library & Plugin Library Introduction:

Currently, the Resource Library in the new Custom Modeling tool includes two main categories: Model Library and Material Library.

Model Library

The models in the Model Library are editable for further modification.

We provide you with plugin capabilities to make your modeling tasks more efficient.

For more details about the plugins, you can click on the hyperlinks below:

Intelligent Model

Intelligent Staircase

Intelligent Lightbox

Intelligent 3D Text

Exterior Design Tool

Mechanical Simulation

Stretch Alignment

  1. View Switching and Visibility Control:

1. View Switching

We offer 2D and 3D view switching options as well as visibility control:

  • 2D views include Top View (shortcut key 1), Bottom View (shortcut key 5), Left View (shortcut key 3), Right View (shortcut key 4), Front View (shortcut key 2), Back View (shortcut key 6)

  • 3D views include Bird's Eye View (shortcut key 9) and Walkthrough View (shortcut key 9)

2. Visibility Control

To facilitate the visibility control of models, you can show or hide "Room Reference (Walls)" and "Furniture." Additionally, you can hide models created using the new Custom Modeling tool. We also provide the ability to view hidden objects, helping you quickly locate hidden self-built models.

  1. Canvas Camera Angle Switching:

Camera Settings:

During the modeling process, you can change the camera to adjust the view.

Default View:

Quickly access the default view angle to prevent getting lost in the 3D space.

Fit Canvas:

Adapt the canvas view angle to fit the entire model.

Zoom Window:

Quickly zoom in on model details for convenient fine-tuning.

  1. Room Switching:

Manage models from a room perspective, quickly select rooms, and display corresponding models in the room dimension.

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