【Beginner Guide】 Software Settings and Requirements

Definition: Specify the software requirements and explanations for using Coohom frontend and backend tools.

1.Browser Selection - Google Chrome

When conducting parametric modeling with the editor, it is recommended to operate on the web page. Some functionalities are not fully supported on the app.

When using the web page, it is necessary to use Google Chrome because it perfectly supports all functions of the editor. Using other browsers may result in some functionalities being unavailable or unstable.

2.Auxiliary Software: CAD

CAD software must be installed as uploading lines (top moldings, bottom moldings, etc.) requires files in DXF format from CAD. Understanding the structure is also required when building other models.

3.Auxiliary Software: 3D MAX

For modeling that requires the use of 3D models, it is recommended to install 3D MAX software. Models like handles, carved door panels, and Roman columns require the upload of 3D models for building.

4.Auxiliary Software: Photoshop (PS)

For users who need to process textures themselves or when the texture quality is unsatisfactory, it is recommended to install Photoshop (PS). We need to seamlessly process the textures using PS (for detailed operations, please refer to the Seamless Texture Processing Tutorial).