【Beginner Guide】Stove Uploading

Definition: 3D models are now supported for plugin-free uploads, which means that the processed models can be directly archived and packaged for upload in 3D MAX format.

I. Stove 3D Model Requirements:

1.The max file should only contain the necessary model for upload (having additional models may cause upload failure).

2.The model should be positioned at the center within 3D MAX.

3.The max file size should be smaller than 100MB.

4.The model should not exceed 800,000 polygons (convert to editable mesh and press '7' to check).

5.The model dimensions should be in millimeters (mm) (set path: Custom Menu - Unit Settings).

6.The size of the model within the scene should not exceed 10 meters.

7.It is recommended to archive the stove model and upload it as a compressed package.

II. Upload Steps

Enterprise Catalog-Custom Products-Product Catalog- Kitchen&Bath-Create Asset-3D Model

Redirect to the 3D model upload page and click "+ Add File". Locate the 3D model file to be uploaded, enter the asset name (automatically selects the 3D file name or you can modify it manually), and choose the rendering category. Rendering the 3D model requires some time, so wait until the blank box below displays "processing successful" before proceeding with the upload.

Select the commonly used electrical category → stove for the rendering classification.

Enter the parameter information required for the stove model.

Example position parameter for the stove in the tutorial: 64.5

Position Parameter: The distance from the bottom of the stove model to the contact area between the stove and the countertop. If there is no recessed area, simply write 0.