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A New Experience for Lightning-Fast Renderings!
A New Experience for Lightning-Fast Renderings!
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Here’s what we update!

At Coohom, we believe in staying one step ahead of the rendering capability and effects, therefore, we’re releasing some major updates to help designers present their designs to clients more efficiently and with higher quality.

Compared to ordinary ambient light templates, Lightning-Fast Renderings is an extremely fast rendering ambient light template provided by Coohom specifically for users with high rendering requirements. It aims to bring an ultimate rendering experience to Coohom Vip users. From clicking "Rendering" to obtaining the rendered image, the fastest time required is only 1 minute, which is a 200% improvement in overall rendering speed!


Step 1: After completing the design, click on 【Rendering】

Step 2: Select 【Fast】 in the Ambient Light and enjoy extremely fast rendering.


  • The Lightning-Fast Renderings as fast as 1 minute on rendering, but the actual time may depend on the network and rendering resolution.

  • This feature is currently only available for a part of Coohom VIP users. For specific activation requirements, please consult with CSC

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