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Panorama Editor: Available To Paid Users
Panorama Editor: Available To Paid Users
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Panorama Editor, previously exclusive to businesses, is now available to paid users! Its features include:

  • Global settings

    • Lens settings

    • Switch settings

    • Opening animation settings

  • Beautify

  • Background music

  • Hotspot

  • Share

  • Style replacement

  • Product (Only for Enterprise Users)

    • Product list

    • Product replacement


Feature Access:

Step 1: On My Projects page, click on "View Project" to access the project details.

Step 2: On the project page, for each panorama card, you can directly identify the editor icon. Alternatively, you can access the editor through the directory in the upper-right corner of the card.

Feature Introduction:

Feature 1: Global Settings

In the global settings, there are functions for lens settings, switch settings, and opening animation.

Lens settings control the initial viewing angle when entering the panorama.

Switch settings control whether the panorama should undergo automatic rotation, and whether the prices of the products should be displayed if there's a product list.

Opening animation settings control the introductory animation effects of the panorama.

Astro Zoom Opening: The panorama will start with a top-down rotation.

Horizon Wander Opening: The panorama will start by panning around horizontally for a full rotation.

Feature 2: Beautify

This feature optimizes the display effect of the panorama through various parameter adjustments.

Additionally, users can use the Compare button to view and compare the panorama after parameter adjustments with the panorama before adjustments.

Feature 3: Background Music

This feature controls the background music of the panorama. Users can choose from a selection of 70 pre-installed music options or upload their own music files.

Additionally, users can decide whether the music should play automatically upon entering the panorama by selecting the Autoplay option.

Feature 4: Hotspots

This feature is only available in the 720 Roaming Editor and is used to control the appearance, names, and positions of jump hotspots between different spaces.

Feature 5: Sharing

This feature provides various capabilities related to panorama sharing.

Work Status: You can set the availability and validity period of the panorama. Panoramas that are taken down or have expired cannot be accessed.

Sharing Formats: You can choose between formats such as posters, QR codes, and links. Posters allow customization of the panorama's title, description, and thumbnail.

Sharing Password: To protect the copyright of the panorama, you can set a password. Without the password, access to the panoramic image is restricted.

Sharing Time: For different clients, you can set multiple expiration times for the same panorama and generate different links for sharing.

Feature 6: Style Replacement

This feature allows for the replacement of panoramas with the same angle, often used for changes in lighting and design styles.

Feature 7: Products

The Products module includes two functional components: Product Replacement and Product List.

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