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All you need to know about Coohom Affiliate Program
All you need to know about Coohom Affiliate Program

Coohom Affiliate, Requirements, Apply for Affiliate. How to earn money by promotion Coohom

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We’ll cover all the information you might need about Coohom Affiliate in this article. Please check on the topic that interests you:

1. What are the requirements to join the Coohom Affiliate Program?

Whether you are an individual or a group/company, you can apply to join as long as you have a platform that can be published publicly, including various social media, various websites, blogs, communities, online studio links, etc.

2. How do I apply to become a Coohom Affiliate partner?

Please click here to apply. Please fill in the relevant information carefully to ensure that the site link is authentic and valid. We will review it.

3. Why was my Affiliate application rejected?

It may be that the promotional information you filled in is untrue/inaccurate. Please fill in the real promotion website information. If you have any other questions, please contact us directly.

4. How do I make money with Coohom's affiliate program?

When you promote Coohom on your platform, your visitors register and purchase through your affiliate link, and you receive a corresponding rate of commission income. Coohom's commission ratio is higher than average, click to view.

5. Where can I get my Affiliate link?

After you successfully join the Coohom Affiliate Program, you will receive an email notification. Click the email to enter the Affiliate management background, and click "create a link" to create.

6. How do I start affiliate promotion from 0?

You can promote Coohom on the following platform sources:

  • Own Website/Blog - containing articles/comments/banners/pop-ups/advertising;

  • YouTube Channel - Use videos to promote Coohom and make product reviews/demos/product mentions with affiliate links in the description below;

  • Telegram Channels - Promote using affiliate links in topic groups/channels;

  • Instagram - stories/articles/comments with affiliate links, links in profile;

  • Facebook Pages and Groups - Articles/Comments with Affiliate Links, Banners, Videos

  • Any Other Social Network - articles/comments with affiliate links, banners, videos;

  • InAapp - banners, videos.

Please remember to include your affiliate link when promoting. We will track and calculate your revenue attribution based on this link.

7. Where can I get promotional creative materials (images, banners, videos)?

We will regularly update promotional materials in the Content section of your Affiliate management backend and Google Drive. If you have other needs, please contact us.

8. How do I view statistics?

After you successfully join the Coohom Affiliate Program, you will receive an email notification. Click the email to enter the Affiliate management backend. Your promotion data will be on the homepage, including clicks on your links, recharges, and commissions.

9. How often are statistics updated?

  • The statistics dashboard is updated on T+1.

10. How do I withdraw my commission?

  • You can transfer money via bank card or receive payment via PayPal.

11. What are the restrictions on withdrawing earnings?

We have linked real-time affiliate data backstage and withdrawal management. The minimum withdrawal should be 10$, but according to Coohom affiliate's policy, withdrawal cannot be made with only a single payment; the commission is frozen in a safety period. You can withdraw money at any time after the period, usually within 30 days. You can check the specific time after applying.

12. What other rules does Affiliate have?

  1. You can promote Coohom on any social media, blog, or any other website or platform. However, bidding on Coohom trademarks, branded terms, and variations thereof in Google Ads affiliate advertising is prohibited.

  2. Your commission rate is the amount of Coohom any new subscription plan purchased through your affiliate link, (to ensure authenticity, only one subscription payment is invalid).

  3. Note that the invalid, fraudulent orders will get $0, and the account banned.

13. How long are cookies saved?

  • The general cookies tracking period is 30 days.

14. Does the Affiliate Program have any other promotional reward programs?

If you have a large traffic or fan influence, we can provide benefits for your customers or subscribers, please contact us directly if you need to. And we will provide creative rewards for promoters/article creators/video authors with certain quality or influence, to help you get in touch with and promote Coohom better. Coohom promotions that have formed a certain influence have the opportunity to obtain additional commission rewards.

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